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 Forum rules

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Blood Knight
Blood Knight

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Wed Jun 17, 2009 4:23 pm

Please read the rules carefully. If you are caught doing any of this it shall result in an instant ban!


We shall not tolerate spamming such as:
  • Accounts who's sole purpose is to advertise

If caught doing this it shall be a permanent ban!

Cyber bullying:
Bullying as 100% a no no here! If a complaint is given you shall get a warning...


We do not encourage swearing on this site as there is younger members here! If seen swearing you will get a warning.

Yellow Card system:

This is how the system works by number of warnings.
  1. Yellow Card one
  2. Yellow card two
  3. Yellow card three
  4. BAN!

It takes 2 month to get rid of one card... so say you have 2 yellow cards, that will take you 4 months to clear
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Forum rules
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