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 Voice overs needed for horror movie (:

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PostSubject: Voice overs needed for horror movie (:   Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:38 pm

Hello! I need voice overs for my new Sims 2 slasher movie "Knifed". It's a fan movie based off of scream. It takes place in the average town of WoodsCreek. A suspicious killer who's imitating Ghostface, is going around town killing everyone. It's up to one boy, (Briary Rose) To figure out who he is before it's too late.

Here the roles that are open. If your interested send your audition to
I need your help so please audition (:
i need your help (:


Voice type: Crazy/lunatic voice
# of lines: 3
Bio: A crazy/suspicious man who warns everyone about the ghost face killer.
Audition Line: "Your all doomed!"

Utopia (female)
Age: 20
Voice Type: Snobby/rich girl voice
# of lines: 4
Bio: Utopia is a snobby rich blonde girl who is the 1st victim in the movie.
Audition Line 1: "You know what! I don't know you and I already don't like You!"
Audition Line 2: "Who are you?"

Voice type: Soft spoken masculine voice
# of lines: 3
Bio: WoodsCreek Librarian
Audition Line 1: "What are you studying for?"

Unnamed Police Officer(male)
Age: 25
Voice type: Normal masculine Voice
# of lines: 1
Bio: A police that has 1 short role
Audition Line: "It seems like we have another cold blooded case."

Male News Reporter
Age: 26
Voice type: Normal masculine voice
# of lines: 4
Bio: The news reporter of WoodsCreek
Audition Line: "Another tragedy happened in WoodsCreek."

Voice on headset(male)
Age: 17
Voice type: normal teenage male voice
# of lines: 1
Bio: A boy Joe hears on his headset that has a really short part.
Audition Line: "Almost. I need to get out of the dungeon on level 3."


Age: 17
# of lines: 13
Voice type: feminine southern accent
Bio: A country girl from down south.
Audition Line 1: "This is downright creepy."

Age: 17
# of lines: 20
Voice type: Normal teenage girl voice
Bio: A smart intelligent teenage girl.
Audition Line 1: "We'd be a lot safer if our police officers weren't so stupid."

Sheriff Hiz(male)
Age: 28
# of lines: 19
Voice type: Masculine/tough guy voice
Bio: The sheriff of WoodsCreek
Audition Line 1: "Don't worry, we'll catch who ever did this."

Age: 23
# of lines: 11
Voice type: masculine Hispanic accent.
Bio: Mexican man. Marco's brother.
Audition Line 1: "Nope. Were still in business."

Age: 24
# of Lines: 13
Voice type: Masculine Hispanic accent
Bio: Mexican man. Ali's brother
Audition Line: "It's sad that Utopia is dead."


Briary Rose
Age: 18
# of lines: 25
Voice type: Soft spoken teenage male voice
Bio: The main star of the whole movie. Ghostface's main target.
Audition Line 1: "The cops don't car who murdered that girl."
Audition Line 2: "This is just like the time Jeff died."
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Voice overs needed for horror movie (:
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