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 Empress Of The Light

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PostSubject: Empress Of The Light   Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:12 am

Empress Of The Light

Jasmine held tightly to her fathers hand, looking at the strange creatures that moved through out the strange room. Mysterious and exciting, the little girl tilt her head back as far as she could to see the top and to take in all of her surroundings. The ancient architecture of the angels from back when the dragons ruled over the universe surrounded them. Despite her enthusiasm, Jasmine found that she could no longer walk and stare at the ceiling. As her gaze shifted from the ceiling to the walls jasmine stopped and stared in awe. Circular with upside down mushroom looking balcony's protruding from the walls, the council room was a magnificent setting for the Political issues of the universe. The room was split off into 9 parts each representing the different planet's representatives.

“This way Jasmine.” her father mused, gently tugging at the child's hand making her stumble following after him.

But a slight stumble would not stop her from staring at the glorious room. Each of the different sections were decorated in the different architectural and artistic designs of the gates they represented. The section that Jasmine most admired was the section that sat the angels of the ninth gate. The mushroom shaped balcony's were made of white marble brilliantly carved and sculpted. Silver and gold border and edging decorated the flawless marble. On a large plaque in the center of the balcony's edge told the tale of how their planet was created and how the angels became the supreme rulers of the Great Gates. At the bottom of the plaque was the symbols of the Dragon of Hope and the Dragon of Dreams.

In the center of the section of marble balcony's was a very large balcony with a single golden thrown adorned with jewels, crystals, and rich fabrics.

“Daddy, whats that for?”

Jasmine's father stopped for a moment so that he could tell what she was talking about. As he stared up at the balcony he half smiled. “That is the Imperial Thrown, made specifically for the Empress of the Great Gates. No thrown would have been better for the empress. Wouldn't you agree?”

Jasmine smiled at her father and continued watching the imperial balcony. Several angels gracefully floated to their positions around the Imperial thrown. Jasmine noticed an angel woman that looked very much like what her father had described the empress.

“Is that the empress?”

“Oh no. that is the empress's daughter, Princess Zelda. Hmmmm odd....”

“Whats wrong?”

“Her son is usually here too... I wanted you to meet him. His father is going to be the angel that's taking over the human civilization know as the Egyptians. Do you remember that? They were also talking about having the boy come too.”

The little girl sighed at her father. “why cant a girl come with him? I want to play with a girl one of these times.”

The tone of jasmine's voice made her father laugh. “You'll get your chance after the meeting. There will be tons of little boys and girls for you and your brother to play with.”

Jasmine giggled and then turned back to the balcony she had been staring at before. The empress's daughter stood to the right of her mothers thrown with her head held high and her face emotionless. As Jasmine looked on, she thought she saw something move from behind the princess. Now staring at source of the movement, a little boy about jasmines age peaked his head out from behind his mothers robes. After looking around checking to see if the coast was clear, he jumped out from behind his mother and started playing around on the balcony before his mother snatched at his arm ad made him stand still next to her. The look on his face was of frustration unlike his mothers. Jasmine's bright green eyes widened at how beautiful the angel boy was. His hair a soft white and skin as pale and flawless as his mothers. The feature that struck Jasmine as the most beautiful and most interesting was his dark purple eyes. She had never seen anything like him before. “Jas...its not polite to stare.”

Quickly turning around to see that they had finally found her mother and twin brother, Jasmine didn't know how long they had been standing there.

Blushing when she realized her mother was right, Jasmine instinctively responded with an innocent tone. “I wasn't staring mommy.”

“Heh you were staring at that boy I saw you.” Jasmine's twin brother Salem smirked hiding behind his mother so he had a better chance of escaping.

Jasmine scrunched up her nose and ran after her brother. “I was not!”

“Jasmine quit running around this is not a playground. And Salem leave your sister alone.” Jasmine's mother Celest sternly called back at the children as she continued to walk to the stairs that lead to one of the balcony's.

“Who was she staring at?” Loki, Jasmine and Salem's father, whispered to his wife as they ascended the staircase.

“Atreyu, the Prince.”

“Ahhhh.” Loki turned around with a mischievous grin on his face. “That's my girl! Heading straight for the top.”

Now mortified Jasmine's face turned beat red. Celest giggled as she nudged her husband. “Oh leave the girl alone.”

Jasmine ran up the stairs after pushing her brother. Giggling and laughing she weaved through her parents with her brother practically on her heels. Loki and Celest smiled happily at their children, although this day they felt little happiness. The empire was changing and this made everyone uneasy. Jasmine ran to a small chair to the left of her mother's chair and barely made it before her brother made it into his. Smiling at her brother Jasmine watched as her parents took their seats on the throwns placed on the balcony.

The young girl's attention was diverted to the rest of the council again as she watched the royal members take their seats. She looked around at the section that her family sat in with curiosity. The balcony's were made of gold and resembled an Egyptian architecture and design. Jasmine loved that the balcony's reminded her of the palace that she lived in back on the third gate. The hieroglyphics on each of the balcony's in this section told of the story of how their planet came to be. On each of the throwns were the symbols of the Dragon of Earth and the Dragon of Wrath.

To the right of the Empress's section, Jasmine saw a section of balcony's that seemed to be made of giant clam shells. On each of the shells were throwns that the royals of the gate sat on. Jasmine remembered her mother and father telling her about the creatures from that section. They were merfolk who lived on the 8th gate. Hanging off the edge of each shell is a flag made of ship mast cloth that told the tale of how the ninth gate came to be. At the top and bottom of this cloth bore the symbols of the dragon of Water and the Dragon of Storm.

As the balcony's filled with people jasmine saw a small girl sit down in the section of the eighth gate. “Hey Salem. Your girlfriends here.”

Salem had been betrothed to Princess Luna of the Eighth Gate not even a week ago and he was still sore about it. Luna and Salem did not get along to put it mildly. That's what you get when you put two very headstrong individuals with two very different opinions on how to do things together.

“Awwww.” The young boy leaned forward in his chair to see the girl before frowning deeply and crossing his arms. “Why does SHE have to be here?”

Satisfied that she got her brother back for harassing her earlier, Jasmine continued to look around. To the right that section Jasmine was amazed to see balcony's that appeared to be stone castles that were over run with vines. Each balcony was covered with green and burgundy vines and flowers. Yet the ancient stone still showed through in places to give the balcony's a mysterious feel. The balcony's held the royal family of the elves. As well as the leaders of the assassins guild. A large tapestry covered the wall behind the throwns that depicted two dragons fighting. This tapestry told the story of how their gate was created as well as the history behind the relationship of good and evil, light and dark. This story was Jasmines' favorite. She had her mother and father tell her that story practically every night before bed. The throwns of the royal family and the Assassins guild held the symbol of the assassins guild. On the balcony's there is a symbol of the dragon of light and the dragon of darkness.

The next section held the Sixth Gates balcony's. Made of stone that resembled the tops of castles and adorned with black metal and dark red fabrics. As if the balcony's weren't dark and creepy enough the creatures that lived on that gate were Vampires. Jasmine stared across the room at the straight faced, white skinned members of the royal bloodline, currently the Von Esimed family. On the front of the balcony a parchment looking statue tells the tale of how the Sixth gate came to be. Each of the royal throwns have the symbols of the Dragon of Gluttony and the Dragon of Death.

Perhaps the biggest section in the council was the section for the fifth gate. This gate was also the largest planet with the most people so it was only fair. Each balcony was made of metal gears, plates and chains. The dark elves made balconies for each of the slave owners and a few for the prominent slave traders. Jasmine watched as the dark elves chained their most prized slaves to each side of their metal throwns. All balcony's had the tale of their gates creation etched into the metal in the rough and ugly language of the dark elves. Disgusted with how terrible the dark elves were jasmine moved onto see the next set of representatives.

The balcony's for the fourth gate were made entirely of crystal and each balcony was a different color. Even the throwns were made of crystals. Behind the main balcony, on the back wall stretched a large tapestry depicting not the gates creation but the tale of the Crystal Princess. On each side of the tapestry were the symbols of the dragon of Fire and the Dragon of Future. Jasmine noticed that the main thrown was not used by an adult like all of the other gates. A very young girl sat in the thrown with short blond hair and pink cheeks. Her parents sat in smaller throwns on each side of her and a good amount of guards stood behind the three. Jasmine wondered why the girl was the head of the gate if her parents were still alive and she was even more curious as to why they took an army with them to a peaceful matter.

“Mommy...Who's that girl?”

Celest leaned down to whisper to her daughter. “That is the Crystal Princess, she is responsible for the Crystal of Fate's protection.”

“Whats the Crystal of Fate?”

“It was made when the great Dragons created the angels. It is said to be the only weapon to counteract the angels if they ever turn evil because they have no evil counterpart.”

“I thought that wraiths were evil angels.”

“They are but they are still angels. Because of this the dragons gave us a fighting chance if the angels all turn evil.”

“Ahhhh I get it now.”

Celest straightened back up after the explanation and Jasmine wasted no time before moving onto the next section that was on the other side of her own. The balcony's for the second gate were smooth and modern, resembling a rooftop of a skyscraper with a glass banister. Etched into one half of the glass is the tale of the planets creation the other side however is the tale of the fight not only among the dragon of envy and the dragon of wind but the long and horrible wars that befell the gate after the death of the dragons. The history of their kingdom gives the king and queen the strength to represent their planet. Jasmine found it strange that the king and queen sat in two separate balconies. They were not only on two separate balconies but the balcony's were as far from each other as possible.

The last of the sections jasmine was more intrigued with the creatures that were on the balconies the the balconies themselves. Most of the council appeared humanly with little differences like wings and horns but these creatures were very different. The top half of the section of balconies were for the Seraphim, 6 winged angels with white ghostly faces. They covered their faces with their upper wings most of the time because of the white light that shone from their eyes and skin. The bottom half of the balconies were for the harpies, evil creatures with wings for arms and claws for hands. They have razor sharp teeth and clawed, feathered legs and feet. The balconies for the Seraphim appeared to be ledges of ice and snow. The harpies had balconies that were covered in ice and snow as well but their balconies were also littered with the bones of other creatures and some were even stained with blood. Hanging from the main balcony of the Seraphim is a book with the tales of how the first gate came to be.

“It is beautiful isn't it.”

Jasmine jumped as she spun around in her chair to see an angel hovering in front of her. At first Jasmine was startled but it immediately turned into joy when she recognized the angel. “Damon!”

The young girl jumped up and hugged the angel. “Hello Jasmine. I missed you too.”

“So is this meeting going to be pretty routine?” Celest asked Damon while taking Loki's hand.

Damon did not answer at first as he set Jasmine back in her seat. “I...I don't think so...”

“Whats wrong?” Loki asked concerned.


At about that moment the council doors opened and an angel flew through landing at the center of the council floor. “Attention my lords, ladies and other guests of the council. The empress.”

The angel bows and flies off to the side of the council floor while a beautiful angel woman stepped through the doorway wearing extravagant silver and white robes. Two angels followed closely behind her. At her right was a female angel that Jasmine did not recognize. She had curly blond hair and a pale face, but her eyes were dark despite their bright blue color. To the left of the empress was an angel that jasmine recognized immediately.

“Daddy its Gage.” Jasmine attempted to whisper despite how excited she felt.

“I know my dear. Shhh.”

Jasmine turned towards Damon only to find that he had already flown over to the imperial balcony to await the empress.
Jasmine smiled to herself as she looked back down at the empress. Gage was a very old family friend just like Damon. Both angels were important and powerful members of the empire. Damon was the record keeper and also the reaper for the universe. He kept all of the memories and historical records in order and readily available if the empress should ever need them. Gage is the head of the church that tells the teachings of the dragons and of the god Thoth.

Upon taking the thrown the empress gestured towards Gage to start the meeting. Clearing his throat the angel stepped forward.

“We are here to gather and thank the great dragons for the wonderful world they have created for us. Guide us dragons into truth light and life. Hope dreams and harmony. Long ago the dragons entrusted angels with the power of ruling the great gates. Let us give them our praise now for they have done a wonderful job.” Gage waited for the applause to end before he got the the heart of the meeting. “Now if the council allows me I would like to start this meeting.”

The empress nodded to Gage. “The first thing on the meeting board is the problem of the missing souls through out all of the gates.”

Jasmine immediately noticed that everyone in the council became uneasy. “Lilly and a group of other angels had been assigned the task of investigating these missing persons. Lilly do you have any updates for us?”

Lilly smiled hollowly and then nodded. “ If it please the council I have found the perpetrator. It is as we have feared; A worshiper of Zork!”

The council now in an uproar Gage attempted to calm them. “Who do you accuse of such crimes?'

Lilly turned towards the balcony of the third gate and pointed her cold finger at Celest. “This investigation accuses Celest and Jasmine.”

Loki looked at his wife with shock and worry in his eyes. But all Celest did to sooth him was to smile.

Celest walked over to her children and kissed Salem on the head then picked up Jasmine's hand and kissed her head. “Don't worry my dear.”

Celest and Jasmine walked trough the curtain and down the stairs to the bottom floor and then through the doors to the empress. Celest bowed before the empress; Jasmine refused. The empress walked closer to them with lilly right beside her. The look on Lilly's face sent shivers down Jasmine's spine. She knew this was a very evil person. Jasmine had to do all that she could not to get sick.

“You will bow before your empress.” Lilly demanded haughtily.

Jasmine remained silent.

The empress laughed at the little girl thinking nothing of it. “Jasmine. This is Lilly. She has the power to see into a persons soul and tell if they are evil or not. Lilly has brought to my attention that you may become a threat to this world. And that can not be allowed. Do you understand my dear?”

Jasmine scrunched up her nose in confusion but her mother understood. Celest stood beside her little girl and made no movement.

“Lilly. You know what to do.”

The evil woman came closer to Jasmine as she was thinking. The little girl flinched, and then blinked before looking up at the woman. She felt funny, as if she couldn't move. The woman smirked at Jasmine and reached out. Jasmine quickly closed her eyes and braced her self, but she did not feel anything. Confused little Jasmine opened her eyes slowly and saw that the woman had grabbed her moms arm.

Lilly turned and pointed to Jasmine. “This ...creature...will give birth to a child who will bring about the death of the angels. Sending this world into destruction, bringing mass chaos and anguish to our world.”

Jasmine looked on horrified as the woman jerked her mothers arm so hard that she could hear a pop before her mother screamed.“MOM!”

Lilly turned towards the crowd as they cheered.

With a quick snap of her fingers a symbol appeared on jasmine and Celes'ts forheads “This symbol they have used their evil power to hide. They are followers of Zork and must be punished!”

The guards didn't even flinch but Loki was down in the council center in seconds. He unsheathed his two master swords, Linreal and Safnia. The kings and queens all stood and some gasped as they watched the Loki fight the council guards. Electric bolts flew from Linreal as Loki sliced his way through to his wife and daughter. Loki knew that linreal could not penetrate the guards armor. The armor was made of silvatium; An unbreakable metal. Despite the blows that were successful many were not. Even though Loki was the strongest demon, he could not defeat all of the guards. He watched helplessly while they kept him from getting near Celest and Jasmine.

“There will be a trial.” The empress coldly walked past Jasmine as she cried in a ball on the ground. “As for you Loki. You will no longer be allowed in this council and your family will never be allowed to rule over the 3rd gate. I'm stripping you of your position there. From now on Menol will be in charge there.

“With this new development there has been brought to my attention an even greater need for the angels to watch over the people of the great gates more closely. There will be from now on an angel stationed at one point on each gate.”

The empress gestured towards the captain of the guard next to the empress's daughter. The angel bowed in appreciation and ordered the guards to escort Loki and his son off of the ninth gate. Loki watched on defenseless as the empress had Celest and Jasmine sent to the dungeons to be tried for treason. Empress Crystal followed closely behind them with the evil woman at her side. The council was in an uproar as Loki and Salem were escorted off of the ninth gate, back to where they used to call home.

Salem walked behind his father as they walked into the palace. The boy lowered his head, his hair covered his face as he watched fathers boots hit the ground as they walked. Both of them were silent not really understanding what had just happened. As they walked in silence a small sniffle could be heard behind Loki. Loki stopped walking and sighed as he turned to face his son. The demon gently laid a hand on Salem's shoulder. “Stay strong Salem. We need to be strong for your mother and sister.”

Loki gently took Salem's hand in his own. Salem smiled and looked up at his father, tinny trails of tears on his cheeks. The demon smiled weakly and then turned back around to walk forward. Loki was surprised by a small hand encircling his other hand. Looking down at Salem he could see his wife and daughter in his eyes. He had to turn away quickly trying to keep the rage and hurt away. The servants of Loki's castle stopped and stared at the family as they walked up stairs. Loki broke the silence with a soft whisper.

“You must be tired...” Salem nodded looking up questioningly at his father. “ok then...lets go to bed.”

Loki lead his son up the stairs to his and Celest's bed room. Salem smiled and ran for the bed. Salem and Jasmine loved sleeping in their parents room and it hurt Loki to know that he may never see his family complete again. The demon picked up the boy and spun him around before setting him back down on the bed. Salem screamed and laughed as Loki tickled him. The sound of his sons laughter helped ease some of the pain. Laying down next to his son Loki pulled a blanket over the both of them and with in a few minutes Salem was out. Smiling at his son, Loki began to close his eyes.

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Chapter 2

The guards took Celest and Jasmine to the dungeons underneath the palace that the empress and her family lived in. The guards pushed and dragged the two through the twisting and turning hallways of the dungeon. Torches were hung at every other cell and barely lit up the walkway let alone the rooms. Jasmine noticed that there was no one else there; No light of any kind. Celest was taken away for more questioning while Jasmine was put into one of the cells by herself. Jasmine cried out for her mother but Celest had already been carried out of the room. The dungeon was silent and empty. Not even a single guard stood in the large room. She was left in the cold and dark by herself. Sad and alone, Jasmine backed herself into a corner and began to cry.

Just above the dungeon ceiling Princess Zelda stood looking solemnly at her fiancé the Captain of the guard, Menol. The angel sat on a bench just two feet in front of her, his face buried in his hands. The princess knelt down before him as she continued to stare. Her voice was soft and weak as she spoke to him in the language of the angels. “Menol...I am sorry...but I can not give you the ring.”

Silence fell upon the room until a drop could be heard from a tear falling to the ground.

“Why?” The captain asked in the same language as she used, through clenched teeth. “You promised me we would be together. What changed?”

The princess was silent. Deep within her heart she wanted nothing more then to give the ring to him, but she knew that if she did he would be the next angel to be banished from their realm.

“Your mind is clouded...” Princess Zelda began shakily. “When you go to earth to live with the humans it will become worse. I can not have an angel clouded by desire and emotion carrying a powerful ring to combat just that.”

From across the room a young angel could see that the Captain did not respond. Instead it appeared that the he was shaking. Concerned for his father the little prince walked quietly and slowly towards them.

“That is why I can not give it to you.” The princess whispered softly to Menol, painfully awaiting a reply.

“Then give it to our son.”

The small boy stopped when he was mentioned. The princess turned and looked at him with tear filled eyes. He had never seen any angel upset before. The fact that both of his parents were upset was scaring him. “Mother...father...are you ok?” The small boy asked weakly.

“We are indifferent, heartless, and bloodthirsty.” the Captain spat with venom in his voice. “Give Atreyu the ring.”

Princess Zelda looked down at her right hand as if it was not her own. Taking the ring from her hand, the princess smiled at her son. “Do you know what this is Atreyu?”

The boy stared at his mother before answering. “Yes...its the Imperial ring.”

“Do you know what its used for?”

Atreyu looked down thinking as hard as he could. “No mother I don't.”

Princess Zelda started to tell the boy when his father interjected. “It is the wedding ring of the dragon of light. The dragon of light gave it to the first empress when they left to give to her protector. The ring gives you the powers of the dragon of light. The ability to know when someone is in danger and to watch over the great gates with an all seeing eye....everywhere the light touches the rings barer can see. It has been handed down generation after generation. It is meant to be worn by the empress's or emperor's number one protector of themselves as well as the empire itself. Your grandmother gave it to your grandfather who gave it to your mother and your mother should be giving it to me.”

The Captain stopped, trying to collect himself before he continued. The princess continued looking down at her lap.

“But your mother does not want me to be her protector. Neither does your grandmother and neither does the entire council.” The captain reached out and pat Atreyu on the head. “So your mother is giving it to you. It will now be your responsibility to protect the universe from evil like that of the first emperor.”

Princess Zelda took the ring and placed it inside of Atreyu's small hands. Before Atreyu could argue both Menol and Zelda stood neither looking at each other as they departed their separate ways. The boy looked down at the ring in his hand horrified. 'what am I going to do?! I cant protect my mother or grandmother! And I certainly can not protect the entire universe!'

The little angel loved reading and hearing the stories of the great dragons and the first trial they went through in creating the dead lands. The first emperor they asked to rule the land turned out to be the most evil man in the universe and it took all 18 dragons to banish him to the dead lands and sealed it up so that he could never return. The dragons gave the new empress the power to banish anyone who tried to follow in his footsteps by giving the people a crystal princess, protector of the crystal amulet of the dragons. Now Atreyu also saw that they also gave her this ring in order to make sure that everyone would be protected.. All of this was too much responsibility for the little boy. Not knowing what to do he ran where he had left his teddy bear before investigating what his mom and dad were talking about. Atreyu snatched up the stuffed bear and squeezed it tightly. “What am I going to do?!”

Looking down at the bear Atreyu started to cry.

As Jasmine sobbed in her cell she thought she heard someone else talking. Collecting herself a little, Jasmine called out through sniffles. “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Jasmine strained to listen for any sign that she was not alone. After a few minutes she sighed thinking to herself that it was probably just her imagination or an echo of her crying. Disappointed Jasmine returned back to her corner and sat down letting out another sigh. After she sat down she started hearing something again, but this time it was crying. Looking all around her, jasmine grew frustrated until she looked up. Through a hole in the ceiling she could see something moving and hear crying just above her. The little girl stood up still staring at the hole hoping that whoever it was would hear her. “Hello?!”

From upstairs Atreyu had laid down on the floor crying into his bear. He calmed down a little when he thought he heard someone mumbling. Looking around the floor he saw a hole near the wall and crawled over to it. “Hello?”

Jasmine smiled in the darkness. As long as she knew someone was there she felt so much better. “Hello!”

Atreyu was shocked to hear the happy voice from the hole in the floor but was curious at the same time. “Who are you? What are you doing in the dark?”

Jasmine started to answer his questions but then stopped. 'If I tell him I was put in the dungeon he will think I'm a bad person and leave. What am I supposed to say?'

“I got lost. I was looking for my family and I wound up down here.” Jasmine lied hoping that he would not be able to hear it in her voice.

“Your lost? The dungeons are below the palace. Your lost in a pretty bad spot.” Atreyu stopped to think before he decided it was best not to push his luck with his parents. “I wish I could get you out of there but I'm not allowed down there. I'll go get someone to get you.”

Atreyu began to stand up until he heard a shrill yell from the voice. “No please don't go!”

Atreyu sat back down and listened to the shaking voice which he could recognize as a girls and it sounded like they were around the same age. He felt terrible that she was lost in that dungeon. He was afraid of it too. “Please don't go...I don't want to be alone. I'm afraid of the dark.”

“Shhh. Don't cry. Ill stay here as long as I can.” Atreyu laid down on the ground and reached through the hole in the floor.
Jasmine saw what appeared to be an arm and climbed up on the jagged stone wall to grab his hand. Lucky for her there was a pretty good sized ledge near the hole so she could sit and not be afraid of falling. Jasmine took a hold of the boys hand and rubbed the tears from her cheeks onto his sleeve. Atreyu could not help but smile and blush a little. They stayed like that for a while. Finally jasmine broke the silence. “Why were you crying? I heard you crying earlier.”

Atreyu was caught off guard by the question. A deep blush colored his cheeks from the shame of being heard. “Oh well....its parents just got into a fight...”

“I'm sorry.” Jasmine whispered snuggling into Atreyu's arm.

“It's alright...everyone's parents fight...right?” Atreyu said it to be a rhetorical question but secretly he needed to hear that he was right.

“Yes they do. My parents fight and I don't know anyone who's parents don't fight. Unless their angels. Then they don't fight because they don't care.”

Atreyu had to agree with the girls observation; Angels don't care. That was what he has been being taught since before he could remember. But it did not seem right. “Yeah I guess so.”

Atreyu felt the girl squeeze his hand reassuringly and it made his cheeks feel warm for the second time. He smiled to him self thinking of how much he wished that he could actually meet this girl in person not just through a hole in the floor. She was not an angel but she was very nice. As he laid there holding her hand he thought about the stories of the dragons and how the dragon of light and the dragon of darkness came to love one another. He wondered if he would ever be able to be in love like that and if he would know when he found the one. The one that he would give the imperial ring to and would protect him.

It was getting late and Atreyu decided that he was going to stay there with the girl and make sure she was ok. “I'm gonna stay here and sleep ok? But I need my arm back.”

Jasmine blinked in surprise as she looked up at his shoulder. “oh sorry.”

Jasmine let go of the boys arm blushing a little bit. “Good night.”

“Good night.” Atreyu snuggled into his teddy and began to fall fast asleep.

Jasmine climbed down from the ledge and fell asleep staring up into the hole in the ceiling thinking that the light shining from it was much like a star in the dead of night.

Lilly walked into the interrogation room where Celest was strapped to a chair. There were a few guards standing at the doorway and a few angel scientists talking to Celest about her visions. After they were done the scientists gathered their things and began to leave. They nodded their good byes to Lilly as they passed her shutting the door behind them. After the scientists left Lilly motioned for the guards to leave as well. Celest watched as everyone left the room but Lilly.

“Who are you? What are you?” Celest said with disgust. “How are you manipulating the empress?”

Lilly laughed evilly as she watched angel struggle with her bonds. “Who am I? I am Lilly. High priestess of the wraiths and devoted follower of Zork. What am I?”

Lilly walked closer to Celest and after reaching her chair she took Celest's chin strongly in her hand. Terror spread across her face as she tried to get away. “I am a wraith. How am I manipulating the empress? Ha ha ha well your about to find out.”

The next morning Atreyu was woken up to the sound of his mother calling his name. Groggily Atreyu sat up and rubbed his eyes. He looked around and wondered why he was not in his bed suddenly remembering he was keeping the girl company. Atreyu turned towards the hole in the floor and whispered. “Hey? Are you awake?”

Jasmine woke up to Atreyu calling down to her. She rolled over and saw the outline of his face. It was still too dark to see into the chamber where she was but she could see him. She smiled after she realized who the boy was. It was the same boy she had seen standing behind the princess the day before. Jasmine stood up and was about to tell him she recognized him when she was interrupted by the princess calling for someone named Atreyu. Jasmine watched as the boy turned around and shouted back to the princess. “Ill be there in a minute mother.”

“Atreyu...Are you leaving?” Jasmine asked the boy sadly.

“I have to...hey I have an idea.”

Jasmine watched as the young prince disappeared from the hole. She heard some scrummaging and she could hear the princesses footsteps getting closer. Suddenly the light from the palace room was blocked by something. Jasmine climbed up to the ledge and reached for and pulled out the thing that was blocking the light. The young girl looked down at the “plug” in her hands.

“It's Mr. Bear. My stuffed bear. He will keep you company while I'm not there. He has always kept me company.”

Jasmine hugged the bear tightly against her chest and looked up to see Atreyu's face. “Thank you so much. Ill make it up to you someday.”

Jasmine saw the outline of a smile on the boys face but before she could say anything more the prince jumped up and ran towards his mothers voice leaving only the light from the hole in the floor and a warm stuffed bear to keep jasmine company.

A few hours later jasmine heard the dungeon doors open and guards walking into the room. Two of them walked up to the chamber door and opened it. “come on little girl. Its time to go see your mom.”

Jasmine smiled, still holding tightly to the stuffed bear. The guards looked at each other and talked amongst themselves as to whether or not she should have the toy. they decided it was just a toy and it could not hurt in letting her keep it with her. Jasmine happily walked with the guards giving them no trouble as they entered the council room once again. The guards lead her to a circular platform where a symbol had been etched into it. Jasmine did not recognize the symbol but she did recognized the blood that stained the platform. The little girl tried to swallow the lump in her throat as she stepped onto the platform. Shortly there after the guards brought Celest into the room. Jasmine stared horrified at her mother. The once beautiful and lively angel now looked like nothing but a rotting shell. The light from here eyes was gone . Jasmine's eyes filled up with tears as she called to her mom. “Mommy?! What happened to you?”

Lilly walked into the room at that time and looked directly at Jasmine. “Nothing happened to her. This is what she has always looked like underneath her lies.”

The little girl did not know what to say. Instead of speaking she slumped down to the floor and waited.

The council hall was filled with all of the members looking on at the accused family. No one spoke; No one moved. They all awaited the empress in dead silence. When The empress arrived, all stood and bowed...except for Loki and Salem.

The empress looked towards Loki but then back at the center of the council.

“You are being charged with high treason and practicing the art of the Wraiths. Angel, Queen of the Third Gate. Do you plea guilty or not guilty?”


“Do you plea guilty or not guilty?” the empress repeated sternly.

“I am...not a traitor...”

The empress seemed unimpressed by Angels response and judging by the questions that followed neither was Lilly.

“Have you taken part in the rituals of the Wraiths?”


“Are you responsible for the missing angels and other creatures all across the great gates? Did you use them for your rituals?” Lilly asked loudly for all in the court to hear.


The entire council was up in arms. Shouting, cursing, and chattering to each other while Angel used all of her strength just to keep her head up. Jasmine could feel in her gut that something was very wrong but she didn't know what to do about it.

“Tell me what you told me last night Angel about who sent you the visions?”

“Lord Zork sent me the visions. I have carried out his will in starting the bloodline that will destroy every last angel! There is nothing you can do to stop him!” Angel screeched and laughed harshly at the council. Horrified jasmine covered her ears but made sure not to drop her toy.

“Stop it!!!!” The young girl screamed, sobbing on the platform. “That's not my mother! What did you do with my mother?”

The council and Celest fell silent and the only thing that could be heard was the faint cries of the little girl. From the balcony that the empress and her family stood, Princess Zelda and Atreyu walked into the room quietly. Atreyu walked up to the balcony edge and looked down at the queen of the 3rd gate and her daughter. He felt like something was wrong but he couldn't figure out what. He looked up at his mother.

“Why are they doing doesn't feel right.”

The princess leaned down and grabbed Atreyu's arm forcefully. “Only good should be allowed to exist in this world. Perfection and light are our tools to combat the evil. All those that are not evil and do not use the tools of light and perfection must be removed.”

The cold tone in his mothers voice frightened Atreyu. He had never heard his mother sound like that before. As she straightened up and watched the trial Atreyu realized what he had to become.

“What is the verdict?” Lilly asked the council.

A woman from the 5th gate stood to say the council's verdict. “Guilty.”

The empress raised her arms to address the council and the great dragons. “Celest. Queen of the third gate. Jasmine daughter of Celest and Loki. I here by banish you...”

“No please...” Jasmine pleaded silently.

“To the Dead Lands.”

The council was silent except for the cries of the withering half angel as the guards moved her to a alter just in front of the empress. The guards chained angel's wrists to the alter so that she could not escape before getting a safe distance away. No one knew what to say or do. They continued to look on as the empress spread her magnificent white wings.

“Take this evil angel to the prison you have created great dragons. She is a danger to us and to you. Take this creature to her doom.”

A bright light shone from The Crystal Amulet of the Great Dragons around the crystal princess's neck. The light was all of the colors that represented the great creators and it was quite a beautiful site to see the light stretch out to the woman at the alter. It circled Celest an consumed her in its light. The light began to fade away and a shadow of darkness gripped onto her and pulled her into the ground. The half angel was screaming in fear and as if in pain as she disappeared.

A great pain took hold of Jasmine's heart. She could feel the anguish in her mothers voice as she disappeared. It felt like time had stopped and she was in a dream.

“Now for the child.” The empress said coldly.

“What?! You cant do this she is just a child!” Loki yelled at the empress.

She just raised her nose in the air and smiled. “Your daughter was born as part of a plot to destroy the angels and deserves nothing more then the same fate that has befallen her mother. And as for your son..”

Loki pulled Salem behind him and glared at the angel. “Don't even try it.”

“If I were you Loki I would be happy you had at least one member of your villainous family left.” The empress gestured towards Lilly.

“As you wish my empress.” Lilly waked over to jasmine and drew a large bow. The bow glowed a bright holy white as she aimed it at Jasmine. The young girl's eyes widened and she screamed.

“Sister!? Whats going on? Dad stop them!” Salem screamed frantic.

Loki looked emotionless at Jasmine and instead grabbed Salem before he could get over the balcony.

“Daddy?! Salem!!” Jasmine screamed as she turned to run towards them..

Loki turned away with Salem in his arms. From that moment Jasmine understood what was about to happen. She heard the arrow released from the bow behind her and felt it pierce through her back and her heart. The life from inside of her faded and so eventually did the pain. The lifeless body of the child fell to the ground on top of the small bear.

“Sister!” Salem ripped out of his fathers arms and jumped down to get to his sisters side.

He rolled his sister over and lifted her into his lap, holding her crying.

“This empire is unsafe. Wraiths, followers of the evil Emperor Zork are among us. From now on the rulers of the gates will all be stripped of their membership of this council. An angel unit will be sent to each gate and will report here. Only angels can be trusted in these desperate times.” The council members faded from the room. Leaving the boy, his father and his sister in the empty room.

Loki walked closer to his son. “Why didn't you help her....?”

“I couldn't...”

“What do you mean you couldn't?!” Salem screamed at his father turning to face him with tear stained cheeks.

“I...” Loki's voice cracked and fell silent.

From that moment as Salem held on to his sisters lifeless body his hatred grew for everyone and everything. He could hear his fathers foot steps come closer to him and felt Loki pick up his sister form his arms. But he did not lift his head or move. As Loki lifted the child into his arms and began to walk out of the hall Salem noticed something missing.


Loki stopped but did not turn around. “Yes?”

“Didn't Jas have a toy with her when she came out of the cells?”

Loki turned and they both looked at the placed where the young girl had died. Nothing but blood now occupied the space.

Jasmine swayed in and out of consciousness; trying not to move because her chest still hurt. She noticed however that she was floating...floating on some kind of moving river or stream. It felt so peaceful and warm. After noticing that the water was warm jasmine slowly opened her eyes. Right above her she could see pictures of her brother and father and mother. They were memories of her childhood. Slowly Jasmine tried to raise her arm towards her family but the pain stopped her from actually touching them. Tears welled up in her small eyes.


When Jasmine laid her arm back down she noticed something was laying on top of her chest. It was the bear the young prince had given her. Smiling to herself she picks up the bear and squeezes it. “I guess its just you and me now huh...”

Jasmine half expected the bear to respond after all that she had been through. So when the bear said nothing she just hugged it to her chest. It seemed to make the pain in her back go away which delighted her. Floating steadily along in the warm fluid, that she assumed was water, watching her brother and her mother and father from her memories, she was at peace. When the memories neared the present Jasmine tried to look away. It made her back hurt again as she watched the arrow pierce through her. Turning away at the last second Jasmine expected the visions to stop after that point. After all she was dead and held no more memories. She was astonished to see her brother and father after she had died and her mother was banished. She watched them take her body home to be buried and saw how he father grieved for her and her mother. Her father had tried to start over with a new wife and moved him and Salem to the 7th gate. He seemed happy, Salem did not. Jasmine saw, horrified, how her brother changed from some one who is caring and protective to a heartless person who only wants revenge and cared nothing for moving on. The son that her father and this new woman had together Salem treated horribly. After ten short years the woman disappeared mysteriously. Jasmines father could not take any more heartache and Jasmine watched as Loki walked into the Imperial palace and mindlessly fought until the guards killed him. Salem became an assassin from the assassins guild on the 7th gate and she watched proudly as Salem made his way up the ranks.

While she watched Salem on the ceiling of the river canal something made a noise in the water. She turned to see what it was and then realized that the fluid she was floating in was not water, it was blood. Panicked jasmine searched around for a place to get out of the canal but there was no place to go. When she looked straight ahead she thought she saw a glimpse of Gage and Damon talking to each other. With a little bit of hope that there was a ledge to get out of the blood Jasmine swam as fast as she could. When she was not even two feet from them jasmine called out.

“Damon! Gage! I'm so happy to see you two!” Just as the two angels turned towards her something grabbed her legs and pulled her under. Fighting to get free, Jasmine could see nothing. The thing that had her legs kept pulling her sideways under the canal to where she thought she saw a wall before when she was on the surface of the water. Finally jasmine was able to kick free. She tried to swim away and then two more things grabbed her. Something touched her face and imprinted in her mind was the thought of a ghastly and ugly creature in the blood that had a hold of her. Jasmine screamed and passed out.

Atreyu waited, leaning against one of the beautifully crafted stone pillars in the council room. This was the day that the council of angels would decided which gate to station Atreyu. He had shown interest in being placed on another gate to watch over the people but he also voiced a strong opposition to being put with his father on the 3rd gate. He remembered what his mother told him when he was a child about good and evil. The last thing he needed was a human's emotions to interfere with is perfect image.
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-squeels- i love it all Jules <3


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awwwwwwws im so happy you like it *^.^* bow anime

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Empress Of The Light
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