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PostSubject: inFamous   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:22 am

This is have been out a while I know... but a review is still good right? Wink And the 2nd one is coming out soon... so if you learn about the 1st.. you might be interested in the 2nd Wink I'm also going to review existing games I've had for ages and new ones from now on!


Purple = Me

(intro in manual)
Imagine your entire world going up in flames;
That's what it was like just after the explosion: fire and smoke and people screaming. So much chaos, so much noise. No one was silent in those frantic hours. No one except the dead.
I woke up dazed in the rubble of what had once been the Cathedral Square - I didn't know what had happened, but I was dimly aware that something more than luck must have helped me to survive... I mean, I was at the epicentre of the blast. The people around me weren't blown into pieces - they were vaporised.I should have died too.
So why am I still alive? How did I escape unscathed?
Now I know that I didn't, not really. No one gets out a disaster like that unmarked. It's just I was scarred in a different way - given superhuman powers like nothing I'd ever thought possible.
Afterwards, when the plague hit the government sealed by the city borders,I dreamed at night of strange lights and live wires, white heat behind my eyes. I felt my blood burning in my veins like liquid lightning. When I woke up, I thought the tingling in my fingertips was the last trace of my fevered dreams.
I was wrong.
Now I know what the explosion did to me, thing can never be the same. As the world I knew hurtles towards destruction and various factors do their best to hurry it along, I know I am the city's only hope for survival. The question is... do I care enough to save it?

Game Play
This game has a GTA feel to it.... you can roam around and do what you want without having to follow the story which makes this an open world game (but following the story you can unlock new powers)and do the mini missions to re-claim the city in sections from the gangs. You can also decide if you want to be evil of good, this will have an effect on your trophies; you are given the choice to do certain things in an evil or good way throughout the story. Which equals two sets of trophies so you will need to play at least 2 times to get a platinum. It's called the Karma system, where you have ranks...

Good ranks; Guardian, Champion and Hero
Bad ranks; Thug, Outlaw and InFamous
Related Trophies
Evil to the Core - Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.
True Hero - Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.
Goody Two Shoes - Reach full positive Karma.
Truly Infamous - Reach full negative Karma
As you can see there are powers for each rank, but you have to earn that rank to be able to spend your experience points. Also the colour of your lightning changes! If your in the good rank it's the usual light blue... if your evil it's red! The ranks also determine how the people around you react towards you. For example, if the player decides to have posters hung around the city that announce him to be a ruthless enforcer, the world will fear him. If the player chooses to instead hang a poster that promotes him as a savior and hero, the city general will adore him. When you are loved people will stop and take pictures of you! Which I found quite funny. You can also interact with injured people and enemies (you will unlock it towards the start of the story) these will also effect your karma ranking... Triangle = Heal (only available on public), Square =Bio Leech (kills; makes you more evil if it is public... neutral effect if enemy) Circle = Arc Restraint (holds the person down; neutral effect of public..... makes you more good if enemy). There are also side missions that can up your rank either way and save more area from the gangs, there would be two missions to complete for that area.. one for good and one for bad.. whatever one you complete will make the other disappear so be careful which one you pick if your trying to collect the rank trophies.

Because you can control electricity, you are kind of like a battery in a sense by having to charge up by lamps, cars, generators and so on. Each power you use eats up at your energy meter, some more than others. When your being attacked you cant see how damaged you are.. only indication is the screen going more black n white, but you can reverse this by either hiding and waiting for it to go away... or charge up. One thing I didn't understand from the game is that even if you fall from a HUGE height you don't get hurt at all.. maybe this is due to him being a superhuman but I'm not too sure.

Tips for health:
1. When in combat press L3 to use pulse radar, since some of the powers take up a lot of energy it is handy to see if there is electricity around the area, if there isn't much around use the basic attacks.
2. When underground keep away from the water at all costs! There isn't much energy down there (since you have to turn the power on). If there is an enemy in the water just shoot the water and it will buzz them good!
3. If there is a HUGE amount of enemies hide behind an object with
Circle and throw a few shock grenades with Square, this method is also handy with enemies using turret guns since they are hiding behind sheets of metal from the gun (once you have precision power you won't need this).


(manual description)
Cole Macgrath: "I have become a mystery to myself. What made me who I am?" Cole was a humble bicycle courier, until the explosion that destroyed half of Empire City left him with incredible electrical powers. His transformation from urban slacker to superhuman may give him the freedom to do what he wants, but it also forces him to confront difficult moral questions. As he watches his hometown fall apart in the aftermath of the blast, his future is uncertain. Will he prove to be the city's deliverance... or it's downfall? Cole is obviously the main character, but depending on which path you take will determine his personality. His look to me is very 'rebel' looking, with the close shaved hair and leather jacket. But Cole seems to be the type of person that takes no crap and gets on with it.

Zeke 'Jedediah' Dunbar: "this kind of thing doesn't 'just happen'. Someone knows more than they're letting on." Cole's best friend, Zeke has a taste for scare stories and conspiracy theories - until chaos envelopes Empire City, and his left field theories deepen into real suspicions. Zeke starts to wonder who is behind the disaster... and why they are bent on the city's annihilation. All I can say is... he has some crazy stories he likes to randomly blurt out haha!

Trish Dailey: "I just want to go back to before the explosion. But it's impossible. You can never go back." Cole's girlfriend is smart, beautiful and loving - and a trained medic. In the days after the blast, she sets to work helping those who have been struck down with the plague sweeping Empire City. Personally I don't like Trish, she is kind of mean to you... maybe because her brother was killed in the blast. But when you get poisoned she helps you and says "I'm not doing this again for you", so you keep getting poisoned throughout and wait till it wears off.

Moya Jones: "Don't forget who's holding your leash, Cole. You help me, and I get you out of there, no questions asked." Moya is an FBI agent who serves as Cole's eyes and ears in the city, feeding him information to help restore civil order - but her motives are not entirely selfless. Moya is also using Cole to try to locate her husband, John: a fellow agent who was in Empire City at the time of the explosion. This woman annoys me... your the FBI!! You do the work and find your husband, stop asking me! You find alot of recordings but him via satellite dishes AKA Dead Drops. Which you need to find to get certain trophies, so it's not all a waste of time haha!

I have been in love with this game ever since I got it! I don't to go and roam around as that is my reason for hating GTA.. but it has it's advantages to boost/destroy your karma. The graphics aren't 100% epic, but that never bothers me, there was not fault in that area. It gets it's hooks into you and gets you addicted.. trust me Wink

I give this game 9 out 10


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