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 The Ed Wood Experience: Part 3 Plan 9 From Outer Space

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PostSubject: The Ed Wood Experience: Part 3 Plan 9 From Outer Space   Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:07 am

This is the film Ed is most known for, this is the film that surpassed Glen or Glenda to recieve the "worst film ever made" title, wrongfully so. It's a blast to watch BECAUSE of how bad it is. Undertsnad that it doesn't have to be good, to be awesome. Ed went all out with this film to make it his masterpiece and if it weren't for this film. He probably would have just dropped into obscurity as a film maker.

Plan 9 From Outer Space became probably when Ed recieved money from a church, the church wanted to make a series of movies about the twelve appossals. Ed managed to convince them that the proft from a movie with an already loved genre would help make them enough money for the twelve appossals movies. Yes this was true, a successful horror or science fiction movie would turn out quite a good profit, but this was Ed Wood.

Bela Lugosi was going to star in this film again as Ed's big actor, but unfortunately Bela died before they finished shooting the film. However, Ed had a small amount of footage of Bela already and thought he would continue making the film with a double. Enter his new lover Kathy. Delores had left him after the filming of Bride of The Monster as she couldn't take his secret. Kathy knew of Ed's secret and was comfortable with it, she would later marry him.

Kathy had a dentist I believe that Ed believed looked somewhat like Bela. He didn't, well he did, but only if he covered the lower half of his face. He also had to wear a wig to look like Bela. He was also a foot taller and looked too young to be Bela. Nontheless Ed took none of these issues into consideration and instead of reshooting Bela's scenes with the new actor, he simply finished the film with someone who obviously wasn't Bela but was being claimed to be Bela.

Originally titled Grave Robbers From Outer Space the church members were very worried about the film and kept bothering Ed about it during production, making him change the title, wanting him to use different actor. It made hima ngry that they were making such a fuss over HIS movie, but Ed wa sknown for his optimism and filmed on the way he always did, fast efficient, cheap, and hardly any re takes.

The film is notorious for it's stupidity. Obvious fake gravestones which an actor trips up on. Hub caps for alien ships, a strange ball with a hoop stuck onto it to make it look like a planet. There's a scene where Tor Johnson, who plays a cop investigating the situation that becomes part of the living dead and as he crawls out of his grave he gets stuck due to his size. There's also a scene where the alien emporor is leading from his lines and who could forget the cooky and strange introduction brought to us by the psychic Criswell?