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 -falls into the dark lair- PLEASE READ!!!!

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PostSubject: -falls into the dark lair- PLEASE READ!!!!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:08 am

Hello darlings, IDI is BACK!!!!!
College is OVER!!! Cheer Anime and I can relax!!! I've been sepnding quite alot of my time on IMVU and I'm now a developer on it... I'll open a new section for anyone who has an account and whats to chat about it or even show off their products. I'm also going to open a graphic shoppie!!! I LOVE LOVE making images for people (i get paid for it on IMVU xD) so I thought it would be a good idea to do graphic requests here. If you wish to add me here is my pages linky;

Since it's the summer holiday soon for me, videos will be spilling out of my computer!!! Excited? I bet not xD but I am!!! I've been practising for media college in September. I'll be making a Metal Gear Solid one first I think...

Anyway... good to be back people

P.S: I'm making NEW ranks, game themed.... so please name some games you would like me to add in Wink there is clue into what I'm doing....... there might be over 100 ranks xD... I will not accept Halo or COD ¬_¬... some games won't fit... E.G racing games. Each game will have its OWN colour... examples shown below Wink
So far we have: (list so far created by imdyinginside and Nugget)

Metal Gear Solid - imdyinginside + Nugget

Devil May Cry - imdyinginside

Final Fantasy - imdyinginside + Nugget

Star Ocean - imdyinginside

Spyro - imdyinginside

Crash Bandicoot - imdyinginside

Kingdom Hearts - Nugget

EDIT: I've made some sections hidden for guests to keep everyone safe ^^


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-falls into the dark lair- PLEASE READ!!!!
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