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 Mystery Science Theater 3000

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PostSubject: Mystery Science Theater 3000   Sat May 08, 2010 1:44 pm

A show that I stumbled across through the wonders of the internet. A cult classic of television that unfortunately is unknown in britain. If you've ever sat in the cinema and the film is so bad that you've began making fun of it, then you'd understand this show. A mad scientist and his assistant shoot an average day man off into space, they send him the worst movies ever made to see which one drives him insane so they can distribute it across the globe and drive the world to insanity.

The man to, stop himself from going crazy builds himself some robots that make jokes with him as the movie plays. The show lasted ten seasons, the first five we followed Joel. Joel is the creator of the robots who "riff" on the movies with him. Behold

The films shown on this show are some of the worst, most forgotten films that ever premiered on the silver screen. The show brings a whole new value of entertainment and did something that's never really been done on TV before.

Joel left the show in series five, escaping the ship and heading for earth. His replacement, Mike Nelson.

A movie was made which brought the loss of their mad scientist character. Doctor Clayton Forester, and his mother Pearl replaced him for the following seasons. The show did excellently, it was easy to find a network for the show for the fact it was a 90 minute show and it had a cult following. However, it was continuously cancelled and transferred to different networks due to various reasons. The show ended in season 10 as Mike and the robots landed on earth, escaping from Pearl.

Joel Hodgson the creator of the show now does a show with the original cast of the show, called Cinematic Titanic, it's still people riffing on movies and you can check out what they've done on their site.

Mike Nelson now does Rifftrax with Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. They riff on more modern films and their commentaries can be bought and downloaded and played alongside the movies you watch.

So the people are still doing what they love after all these yars. All I know is in the not too distant future, somewhere in time and space, a man and his robot friends are stuck watching the worst movies ever made...and having a ball of it.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000
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