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 The Evolution Of Games: Part 1: DOS

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PostSubject: The Evolution Of Games: Part 1: DOS   Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:35 am

Games have evolved immensely, from the old 8 bit days of the nintendo to the big consoles that have some of the most amazing looking games you'll ever see, and play.

However with all the smoke and mirrors of today's gaming, people forget what it was like back then. You had no Playstations, or Xbox's, or nintendo Wii's, your console choices were the nintendo entertainment system, or the sega genesis. However, computer's also had their own gaming circle, as it does now.

Way back in the early years of Windows 3.1 and windows 95, there was a program that would run with windows, called DOS. DOS helped run a lot of the old games of the PC, that today cannot be run without an emulator, because of how advanced PC's have become.

The games vary in their features as time went on. From your basic doom clone to, more adventurous graphics and gameplay. Heck even the first Elder Scrolls games ran on DOS. The most famous games that people remember from this age, are the Sierra games.

Sierra did a lot of point and click adventure games that featured voice acitng and animation, although it was limited the games had vast popularity and many series of these games were made.

Such as King;s Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest. Sierra adenture games, were the games almost everyone grew up with at the time, these games were episodic, all with their own story to tell and are a good example of although limited in how far a company can go at that time, they could still make a wonderful game.

Many DOS games no longer run on PC's. The computers we have today are more and more advanced leaving these games behind. However there is a way these games can be played, and that is through the emulator. DOSBox. DOSBox emulates the old environemtn in which these games can be played in and I for one own this emulator. It interests me that these were the games many would go on their computer for, days on end to finish. It's also got it's aspects of hilarity with some of the voice acting that takes place in these games.

DOSBox is like running the command drive

You mount a c drive to a games file you created in the DOSBox program files

Mine is "mount c games"

you then open the c drive c:\
pick a directory to run, so for example if I wanted to run a sierra game I downloaded it would be
cd Sierra

then I would pick the exe file I want to run, if it were King's quest it would be


the game should then run and you can play.

Some games are harder to find then others, as I like to dop it legally, and not through torrents. However the games so far I've found are funny, enjoyable and a good way to travel back and see what the world had to play on it's computer at that time.

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The Evolution Of Games: Part 1: DOS
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