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 Let's Review: "Manos": The Hands Of Fate

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PostSubject: Let's Review: "Manos": The Hands Of Fate   Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:09 pm

Films are a specialty of mine, in school I'm probably the most knowledgable on "bad" films, have probably seen the most films in my class and know a lot more trivia than the average day person. Only because I forced myself to sit through films like Transformers 2, Twilight, any bad Michael Bay Film, old B movies, but this is a case of film obscurity that the medium of cinema would rather us all forget.

A long time ago in El Paso texas, a man wanted to make a movie, he wasn't a big director from Hollywood who could make all the locals dreams of fame come true (at this time, ending up in Hollywood was like ending up in paradise, you HAD to be there to be well known.) This man was an average day, manure farmer, he hired a crew for an extremely low budget and a deal that the crew would get to be with girls...a lot. Which they did...a lot. The crew would do up to nineteen jobs each on this film due to the non existing budget and the film was shot on an old wind up camera which makes the movie very out of focus and the sound extremely hard to hear.

Many of the crew had parts in the film, like the co-director who was shown early in the film, making out...and is shown at the end of the film making out in the exact same spot, with the same woman, for twenty four hours...guys got some powerful lips.

Anyway, we open up to MANOS: The Hands of fate with a full, five to ten minute introduction of a man driving his car, with his family...with one of the worst songs accompanying it...this is painful from the moment it begins.

that little bit of video...1:16 of the full thing, be greatful I couldn't find the FULL painful everlasting minutes of horrid music...yes the family does actually sing row row row your boat.

Anyway the family are on holiday and are looking for an inn, they don't find an inn but an old shack which is homed to the biggest overacter you'll ever find...TORGO! Comes with his own theme music Wink

Torgo is the most popular character in this film...just sayin'

Of course freaky stuff is going on, the families dog gets killed, Torgo keeps referring to his master, keeps peeping on the wife of the family, shouting to his master that "he can't have her". Torgo even pays a visit to his master who lays in some kind of magic coma on a stone tablet, surrounded by his multiple wives, also in a deep sleep. Torgo....well he does some awkward things. He feels up the master's wives and shouts at his master how he shouldn't have another wife, he has enough already. Of course this doesn't go well for Torgo, his master arises and knows what Torgo has been up to and decides to sacrifice him. How do they sacrifice him? The women put their hands all over him, he gets his hand cut off and burnt. Weirdest sacrifice i've ever seen.

I won't give away the ending because although this film is bad. It's become a cult film. All because of a tv show revealing it to the film culture once again. The film is shown in many film classes across america to study the bad side of films, and Torgo is a very popular cult character.

Many of the cast and crew is dead or missing now, and it was rumoured a sequel would be made by the same cast and crew, but due to losses, it never happened. The film is a great example of the obscure films to be found, it's an hour long but it's a painful one. It's claimed to be the worst film ever made, but believe it or not there is worse out there, if you actually want to see if you can go through this torture, and can actually find some way to watch this film and see if you can go through that hour, the way I did. Go ahead, it's a bad film, really bad...but it can be so bad it's funny...if you can find it in you to make fun of it.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Review: "Manos": The Hands Of Fate   Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:47 am

hahaha you and your cult movies xD

When will you learn? lol


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Let's Review: "Manos": The Hands Of Fate
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