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 closed for a short time

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Blood Knight
Blood Knight

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PostSubject: closed for a short time   Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:25 am

Hello my darlings,

Either today or tomorrow the forum will be closed for me to put up the new layout!
I'm very excited!

We will have a MAGIC banner (if it works xD), animations, more smileys and the image contests will be back! I will also start a caption contest also! I'll take images for my sims games or finding random game ones and you put your own little caption for it! And also story contest will be back! I think I forgot to run it last time o.O.
Also I will be adding MORE post ranks! Which will also have a new look. There will be a few more sections opened such as, image shops where you post up a sort of shop and people request for avatars or signature images!

We won't be closed long, but if you wish to know the progress of how it is going, you are free to email me.

Ta ta darlings


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closed for a short time
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