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 Avatar (game)

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PostSubject: Avatar (game)   Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:58 am

Yes I know I'm a little late but my computer died.. and i have wi-fi in my room now Wink

Now I LOVED the film so I thought I'd get the game also.. and I'm slightly disappointed with it if i'm honest.
1st off you have to pick from a range of characters to play. And since I'm a girl I went to pick a female.. but to my horror.. all the female avatars look the same!!!! The males look different in their own ways, but the females look the same, which sucked bad!

Anyway you pick your character and you start off as a human, you do a few missions. then you have a choice.. you can either pick to stay as an avatar and help the na'vi or stay with the RDA. I did both. And I liked being a na'vi best, since the choice of weapons with the RDA aren't that good. The aim is rubbish and no sniper riffle! You can't have a shooting game without a sniper! But the bow and arrows that the na'vi have, work REALLY well as a sniper. And the weapons they have do a lot of damage.
There is also a cool feature that both races can use, they both have special powers, such as turn invisible, call bombs down (RDA), run extra fast, heal and so on.
The more EXP you get, the better items you get! You unlock upgraded weapons, powers and armour.. and this was my problem.. the 1st armour you get has the long braid/plat that connects to everything. But everyother armour after that, the braid is gone!!! And even when you do have it at the start, you don't connect with the direhorse when you ride it... which is sooooo wrong >.<

Then along the line when playing a na'vi warrior talked to me and to another "HE will cause trouble" or something like that.. but the fact he was calling me a HE! That really annoyed me.

The graphics were beautiful! I loved when you walked in caves and you have the glowing footsteps like the film.. it's so magical! I wish I had an in game image of it, but I can't find any.

All in all the game is ok.. but the ending wasn't the best it didn't feel like the end.. I won't say how it happens as I don;t want to give anything away.

I give this game 6 stars out of 10


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PostSubject: Re: Avatar (game)   Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:07 am

it was ok i gave it 7/10
it is not like the film
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Avatar (game)
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