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 Brutal Legend

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PostSubject: Brutal Legend   Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:41 am


I got this game last week and my I just say... it's EPIC!!!

Now I hate EA with a passion >.< (personal reasons)
But this game is just awsome in so many levels!
If you are a pure metal head, this is the game for you!

You start off as a roadie called Eddie (named after the famous roadie of Iron Maiden) who is voiced by Jack Black. He is known for being the best roadie in the world! He is helping a metal band who like to rap in their music, which makes him kinda sick. One climbs on the set Eddie made and nearly falls! (This part was epic) Then on the screen is said "Do you want swearing?" I was like "errr HELL YEAH!" as soon as you click yes.. Eddie swears his head off haha! I couldn't stop laughing.. anyway Eddie comes to recuse and saves the guitar 1st (xD) then the kid... but the set collapses on Eddie! Some blood goes into the mouth of this belt buckle and a HUGE monster with the same head as his belt buckle comes out! The kids see and another box pops up saying "Do you want to see blood and gore?" and I was like "Well DUH!" I clicked yes and their heads blew up xD! I couldn't stop laughing it was sooo cool! So yeah Eddie then wakes up and sees these Skeleton dudes trying to kill him.. so he grabs his HUGE axe from the ground... and chops heads off xD Then he grabs his guitar and you use it as a weapon!!!! How cool is that??? In the game you use it to shock and burn things! But you also summon demons, your army, The Deuce (his sweet ass ride) and open up Ozzy's lair (but there is more.. just don't wanna spoil it all Wink)

The game is basicly about a war between heavy metal and Glam Metal xD which I thought was kinda cool... It's kinda like a war between Slayer and Aerosmith haha! The "Glam metal" leader has lots of hair and used it as wings haha! And yes guys....there is a pretty metal chick xD Eddie gets a thing for her Wink

Anyway... you need to get this game! It's just epic!


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Brutal Legend
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