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 My 1st play

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Blood Knight
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PostSubject: My 1st play   Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:27 pm

haha sounds wrong right? xD

Ahh I remember when I 1st got the game. 2005... wow! man I was different back then too haha!
I made my simself, I had NO CC and NO ep's xD
I made a husband too.. my childhood crush Dominic Colenso xD I remembered my friend saying about a cheat called "motherlode" so I used it get us a BIG house ^^

As soon as I moved them in, I made them WooHoo xD and we had a son called Jamie xD I think I gave birth while making some cereal xD
As soon as he was born, I put him on the floor, ran to the bed... and WooHooed again xD and yes I was preggo again haha! Poor Jamie has to sleep on the kicthen floor that night xD (I let them sleep in bed haha)
I then went into labour in the bath haha! So I had to get out and give birth in the bathroom haha! It was another boy, but I can't remember his name =/

So yeah that was the 1st day I played TS2 xD


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My 1st play
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