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 Soldiers Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Soldiers Of Darkness   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:58 pm

Seeing as I ran out of material fr my Immortals story I decided to retry a vampire story.


Rembrandt's Journal. November 1 1980

Time....time changes everything. The world always changes, and humans change with it. I have been on this earth fr two centuries and watched it's changes, through famine, and war, and depression...but how? you ask. How can a person live for two centuries? How can a man stand an wirte what he sees in this hellacious world, filled with hellacious people. Suffering, pain, humans are the cause....they call my kind the monster...they strike upon my kind with a great vengeance....our kind is not become known until 1977, when a vampire, yes, vampire, by the name of Stoker was captured by the authorities. Ever since, the vampires have become a rare and almost extinct race. Killed, murdered brtally by those, who fear us! We do not exist in the eyes of the government. Not more.

Look at them...sitting there warm in their homes unknowing of the beauty the night brings them. It pleasues me still to have the cold chill of the night, run down my skin, and my spine, and my lips...the humans need saving from their accumulated waste, before they drown in it, before it is too late...We vampires take it on ourselves to save them....not beacuse we want to, lord no, we would rather see humans burn, and perish for what they have done to us...we save them...because we have to...because they need to realise, the beauty the night becoming a soldier....of darkness

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Soldiers Of Darkness
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