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 Happy Halloween my children!

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PostSubject: Happy Halloween my children!   Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:43 am

Yes I know it is tomorrow but I will be very bust partying!

Halloween is my favorite day of the year! I do my ritual at the same time as many others around the world! It is beautiful, it is the one day you can spend the night with a lost loved one. I shall call on my Grandad... I do every year. Since I never knew him and wanted to know what he thinks of me. I also do some love spells (well I don't need to anymore... Joey didn't love me back haha! Nah I'm taken guys Wink) I also do a ouija board... there has always been a little girl who lives in my house, and a man (my mum used to see him and says its her dad) the little girl scared me alot when I was little. Shw would use my bubble wand and blow bubbles round my room... (I'd wake up and the bottle would be at the other end of the room, open with some bubbles floating about when I turn the light on, very creepy) the man... well I only saw him once at christmas when I was 7. I looked if the refelction of the window and I saw his head behind me.

So yeah creepy house xD But I love it.

I might be geting drunk tomorrow night. Its my little brother's girlfriends party, and well...I want to keep an eye on them. If anyone here is going that I know of, dont't hit on me haha! -starts to say classic FF VII line- "I will chop them off, I will rip them off, I will crush them" hahah!

Or I may go out to stop him from going the party.. by seeing the film 9. Its a Tim Burton so I HAVE to see!

So anywho.. I hope you all enjoy yourself!





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Happy Halloween my children!
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