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 Heart gold and soul silver!

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Blood Knight
Blood Knight

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PostSubject: Heart gold and soul silver!   Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:53 am

I think they are still deciding the english name because I've seen image of cases saying "solid gold" and "pure silver"

YES another pokemon game is nearly out!!!!! I am MEGA exctied about this one! It was obviously a re-make of gold and silver but... it looks sooo awsome! For example you can now have ANY pokemon follow you! Just like in yellow with pikachu x3

see x3

There is also a cool addition to it!!!! You get tihs little poke ball in with the box and you transfer a pokemon into it, clip it to your trousers and as you walk it trains!!!!!!

I am even more mega excited about this game! Because I get to get the FULL dex for my diamond game with it Razz I was worried they wouldn't connect...but they do Very Happy

Here is a video of it Razz

I think the 3D graphics look awsome!!!!! I am SOOOO excited x3


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PostSubject: Re: Heart gold and soul silver!   Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:56 am

Haha, I played pokemon with my mate a long time ago...It was pretty fun, it was on game boy lol!
Do you like pokemon? tongue

I watched the series...but now they are boring..not my type of program.. :afro:
But this looks good.
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Night Stalker
Night Stalker

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PostSubject: Re: Heart gold and soul silver!   Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:47 am

*high pictched whistling escapes Kai as steam jets from said person's ears* *jibbers for forty five minutes*

Kadmus - Think that speaks for itself... Guess when he recovers his sanity he'll preorder it the moment it's released in the US.
Cricket - Needless to say he's very excited about these games Wink . Just don't ask him his opinion; he's reloading right now.

Apocalyth Continues
Chapter 6
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PostSubject: Re: Heart gold and soul silver!   

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Heart gold and soul silver!
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