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 Rules on voting

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Rules on voting Empty
PostSubject: Rules on voting   Rules on voting EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 8:54 am

In this section is voting... you may NOT vote for yourself... I have eyes everywhere and I can see who voted for who.
You can add a poll here... I can be anything... but stick to the forums rules please.

Contests running:

- Forum story update of the month:

--How do I win?
Post a story that you wrote in the forum stories section... if you update it atleast once a month you are in the running for this award.
--What are the rules?
Stick to the rules of no swearing. And don't vote for yourself.
--What if I update my story more than once in the month?
You only can enter one update per month... I shall PM you asking you to choose the update you wish to enter... if you don't reply within the start of the new month I shall pick myself (Don't worry I will pick the one I think is best so you have a good chance)

- Movie of the month:

--How do I win?
If you post a movie into the forums it is a place in the competition for that month. There will be 3 catagories; Sims 2, Sims 3 and Other Machinima to make it more fair.
--What are the rules?
If you have 3 videos they will ALL be in the contest... there is no limit. Don't vote for yourself.

- Staff member of the month:

--How do I win?
Only a members of staff will be entered. If you are a staff member do the BEST you can so your members can see your talent in handleing the forums, activity, kindness, ideas and many other things! So get to work ^_^!
--What are the rules?
If you are a staff member DON'T vote for yourself...

-Image of the month:

--How do I win?
Read the rules for that contest (they shall be different for each one).
--What are the rules?
Normaly you can only enter one image... unless the rules say otherwise. The contests may either be blindfolded (no one knows whos image is whos) or not.

Rules on voting Lucidiasiggy2
Rules on voting KwPY
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Rules on voting
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