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 The Immortals

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PostSubject: The Immortals   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:33 am

« on: March 07, 2009, 01:27:28 PM »


Death, it's a part of life, we live looking for a purpose, only to find out one of our purposes is death. But there are things out in the dark, not of life, yet not of death, the creatures of the night which I myself have been told about so many times as a child that would amaze me and frighten me at the same time, only now do I realise the truth behind those stories.

To get to where I am today though, we must start from the beginning, which to you seems an age ago, but to was just yesterday
The place was London England, the year was 1666, we had befallen the terrible disease that the modern day people call, the black death...they are right to call it so. Oh what a black death it was, but with a slow recovery from the town people, eventually, lived their normal lives, it was common to get the occaisional natural disaster of fires, we had no, fire fighters to protect us, we had buckets of waters and amount of sand or water could protect London on that faitful day...September 2. The Great Fire Of London. That's when it started, history states that it was because of the bakery of Thomas Farriner. History is right of where it started, but not who.

The fire raged for four days and nights, you were lucky if you were not burnt to death, or left with marks on your skin, people would walk out of London stating they were not afriad, they are the ones that are filled with lies. I myself saw many die thsat day, cremated into ashes, no signs of their bodies to be recorded on the death count.
Buildings had been lost to the smoke and fire, bodies lay on the ground charred like coal. I could not leave London like others could, I was stuck, I could only wait for the innevitable as others did through those days of inferno, if I was not burnt, the smoke would surely kill me. It was the first day that got me stuck in the middle of London, no buildings to seek shelter in, nowhere to hide. I would have died in hours if it was not for that creature of the night...that vampire.]

His figure, slowly walked towards me, his black hair, darker then the rising smoke, his brown eyes screming towards me that he was older then he looked, a smile on his face that had the look of detah about him. It strikes fear in me still, his figure emerging from the fire, his arms raised out grabbing me. All that happened after though, was a blur, as if I had died and not known it.

When I awoke I was outside of london, a pain in me that I had never felt before, my heart had slowed down, my lungs had stopped filling with air, my body shaking uncontrollably

Sampson:W....W....what have you....done to me?
???:I've made you into what I am...your body is dying, reshaping itself into what you are about to come....a vampire...we all go through it

I crawled along the floor, my body writhing in agony, my eyes atrted to change, filling with red, the vampire simply laid out his arm, as if to solve it in a flash, without my knowing I started moving towards his arm, and sunk my fangs, sunk into his arm, I never thought I would enjoy blood as much as I did when it came from his arm.

???:That's thing you need to when to stop, especially with mortals, you cannot drink dead blood do you understand me?
Sampson:...I understand...who ARE you anyway
???:I am Samuel...and I m your teacher
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortals   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:42 am

Part 1:The Creatures Of The Night

Now before I continue I must remind you that my body had died merely minutes before...otherwise you cannot understand the wonders of the night like I do. The night was lit well for the fire of London had yet three more days to rage on, I stared upon it with my new eyes...vampire eyes...and it had become a world of beauty, this dark, descaled night. I did not know why and with my new predicament I had to ask as many questions as I could, after all...I needed to know the rules.

Sampson: So how long have you been a vampire?
Samuel: A Century, it doesn't seem that long though
Sampson:...How do you keep yourself hidden at night...surely there are suspicions when you kill
Samuel:There are suspicions yes...people tell stories of things that could have left bite marks in necks...wrists and legs..but I get by, I change my name every few years or so, I pretend my former self has died so it goes on the records...I gave you my true name though, I had to seeing as I made you one of us.
Sampson:You mean there's more vampires?
Samuel:Of do you think I became one...magic?
Sampson:To be honest I do not know what to think any more.
Samuel: Just stick to the rules and you'll be fine
Sampson:OK so stay away from religious symbols, holy water...oh no do I have to stay away from garlic as well?
Samuel: What farce are these words you speak to me...who told you such lies?
Sampson:Why they are tales that spread throughout the town.
Samuel: Well they are false...I for one like garlic, as for the religious symbols and holy water that could simply be because vampires are not religious people, not once have I considered there being heaven, hell, nor any afterlife...why would I when I cannot be killed by anything man has made to take life away?
Sampson:...So can we go out at day?
Samuel:Unfortunately THAT story is true...we burn in the light turn to ash if were exposed too long...anything else you would like to clarify?
Sampson:...Do any humans know we exist?
Samuel:...nay...nor can they ever know we exist, I only simple give fake names to steer any suspicions away...most of the time I shall lure mortals so I can drink from's the way our world goes.
Sampson:...Are there any...other creatures?
Samuel:Like us...or...different creatures?
Samuel:URGH...don't DISGUST me...for our misfortune yes there are indeed filthy, furry lycans on this globe...if I could bare to be near them I would eradicate them all from the planet...thank god I only see them once a month.
Sampson:Gee sorry I asked

I see now after my years of experience our hatred towards the lycans was a natural thing, all vampires hated lycans, they are considered lower down on the...dare I say, food chain then we vampires are...of course at the time I was unsure of that. As I repeat...only after my years of experience do I now know that...Samuel still however had more to teach me on that night...about my victims...about the women of the vampire world and how to control myself, lord do I thank him for those lessons now
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortals   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:45 am

Part 2: Women

It seemed to me, that me and Samuel...had some sort of charm, women would stare at us as we walked, forgetting the fire for moments to look at us walk by, before I would think these women to be insane...yet now I was intregued.

Sampson: Do you always get looks like that from strangers?
Samuel: Indeed we do...we have a certain gift...a power I attracts the opposite gender towards us...if we find them good enough to be our mate...we make them one of us, if not, we go on as normal.
Sampson:There's female vampires as well?
Samuel: Why of coruse...if there are males there bound to be females...I should know I'm partnered to one
Sampson:May I meet her?
Samuel:Why would you want to do that?
Sampson:I want to know what the female vampire is like...incase I end up with one
Samuel:...fair enough we shall go and meet Claudia.
Samuel:My partner

I tried to ask Samuel about how he and Claudia came to be...but he did not answer...I could only imagine that he kept his relationship to himself. He lead me through the outskirts of London, I came across, at the time a scene that disgusted me so, a woman performing the act of sex against a wall...while biting a mans neck...this could not be the woman Samuel was tlaking about could it

Samuel: Enjoying your little ride Claudia?

I was shocked beyond comprehension that THIS was Claudia...was it normal for Vampire women to do this...the woman obviously could not answer...not with ehr current predicement...not until the man finally fell from her body and she ixe dherself smiling seductively at both me and Samuel...I didn't know how to react

Claudia: Of course dear husband, have you brought me anothewr man, oh the great gifts you bear to me, you will get a great payback from me when we are alone
Samuel:Unofrtunately not my dear...he is my...aprrentice if you could say
Claudia: An apprentice...why have an apprentice of whom will take all of your time...when you have me right in front of you
Samuel: It was required of me Claudia, as is it required of him in his later years
Claudia:Oh you do bore me with your technical terms...why can you not just enjoy and live with the woman you have
Samuel: I shall do both at the same time Cluadia I promise you that
Claudia:Well at least you can do more than one thing...I love a man who can multitask...may I ask what your...strapping assitants name is
Samuel:His name is Sampson..try not to frighten him away it is his first night
Claudia:Dear Sampson, the pleasure is all mine...I hope I can make it yours as well
Samuel: Alright Claudia you've had your fun, I shall meet you again in the cemetary
Claudia:Send me back to the garden of death shall you...I hope I profit from this as much as you do....goodbye gentlemen

Claudia was indeed a mistress of mystery....if it wa snormal for her to preform acts like this and get away with it unlike the human world...then it was normal for all vampire males to accept it...The world at that time, wa snot an eays one to grasp hold of, but I did in time...which leads me to my next story
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortals   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:46 am

Part 3: Leaving London

Samuel told me that the next few nights were crucial, and indeed they were, as I wouldhave to learn to control myself when drinking from humans, so I do not end up dead. It was also crucial that I got past a certain resistance that many go through at the beginning, and indeed I went through it, nights went by when I would sink my teeth into a fair maidens neck, and I could ot find myself to finish her to the brink of death, Samuel was always there to do it for me, so I did not make them into one of us. It became a nightly routine and I could tell that Samuel was getting sick of it.

Samuel:I understand that you find it hard to kill them, I was the same at the beginning, but you must remember it is THEM who are the momsters...not us...they walk around London and they change it into this steaming cess pit it is today, the world is forever changing and until you realise what I did a century can NEVER finish these mortals to death...and if you cannot do that then I cannot help you any more...I have done my part...this is up to you go home Samuel, spend time with Claudia...I need to think for a moment
Samuel:Think hard Sampson...think hard and fight that resistance.

I walked on into the night thinking about what Samuel said...mortals did indeed change London...but it could not change anymore then it already had...that was what was dirlled into my mind for most of my life anyway...if I knew what London would become today I may never have needed to take that walk in the hands in my pockets, my thoughts surrounding me with the sounds of the night...what Samuel did not know was that I was not only thinking about what he said...but thinking about leaving...leaving London, and leaving him. It wa snothing personal I thank him for what he teached me and thank him still to this's just with the new life I had been given...I wanted to travel the world, see all the places that I never have seen, and at night in my would be even more beautiful. I hope that one day Samuel forgave me...for to this day...I have been unable to.
I wrote my name on the death records and while I walked out of hands in my pockets no other forms of transport to my money with my person...I decided to think of a new one, one I could use while I travelled...and one I could use when I finally returned to London.
The dirt tracks were my way out of London, leaving the city behind me, leaivng my friend behind me...leaving it all...and heading towards something new
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortals   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:48 am

Part 4: The Hunger

I walked on through the hours of night, hoping to find civilisation able to start somewhere, walking alone in the dark makes you realise...your more...idiotic choices in life. If only I realised the truth behind Samuel's words earlier then I did...if only I stayed and didn't learn the hard way.
Barn houses became my salvation, nights would become so close to day and I would find an old abandoned farmhouse...usually having good hiding spots in the cold, damp, decaying cellars. It would be my routine for night after night...head forwards to a new town...and find an old farmhouse...some abandoned...some with mortals inside...from whom I would have to fight my hunger to save.
Oh! the I hated it...the pain which was now screaming to me, begging for that sweet red nectar. I thought I was right to fight it at the time. Oh how wrong I was.

My journeys through the night lasted me nine days...well...nine nights. Until I finally came to a town marker which today's equivalent would be Blackpool. But there and was just a small settlement, not many people, no law facilities, and a small church, a hatred grew in me at the sight of that church...I was not a religious man before my vampire life, I may have been the only one not to be, I went to church out of simple acceptance...but this feeling was if...I knew the truths behind that building.
I walked on through the night, it looked hazier to me now. Blurrier, my eyes worked fine and yet I could not see clearly, my lungs could always be filled with air yet I could not breath. The next minutes were a pitch black to me...nothing much I can remember from it, I can only assume I blacked out form the sheer hunger I was suffering from.
I awoke in some kind of, medieval clinic, compared to today's doctors they seem like houses of torture. But my eyes beheld a woman looking over me as I awoken. Her eyes, familiar to others, staring into mine with mystery and lust. As if I had power over her.
Sampson:W...where am I
:You're in the clinic, you're feet are covered in blisters where have you come from?
Sampson:...London there no transport in London
Sampson:Not to my disposal there wasn't
: Oh you poor man, may I ask why you have come from London? get away...just to get away
: Yes that fire was unfortunate
Sampson: Very...any reason why I'm stuck here in a bed
:By my analysis you're fine...yet you collapsed upon your entry to this town...probably from your walk, well...whatever it was it's ok now
Sampson:...may I ask you your name?
:...I am Elizabeth
Sampson:...Elizabeth...I am...Mr. Burke

I lied about my name...and badly at that, I could only give a title, no first name popped into my head, a skill I learned later in my life. Now I do not know what it is which changed me so...maybe it was the hunger...maybe it was Elizabeth...but something took over me at that point...something made me want to do what I did that night

Elizabeth: Well Mr.'re free to go.
Sampson:Can I not...stay here instead

I proceeded to kiss her, she had no objections, she even grabbed onto me and dragged me to the wall, laying flat against her. It was obvious to me I had seduced her and this sudden force taking over me, instructed me to drink from her.
I removed my lips from hers and placed my finger over them, I proceeded to breath on her neck and kiss her, her mind was completely out of the world she was living in, her face showing so many emotions. and then I bit her...she was in too much enjoyment to even notice THAT! The liquid rushed into my mouth...oh how I enjoyed it...the taste...the texture...everything about it.
I had to drink from her...the pain became too much...oh the relief I had...the pleasure I had! All my worries, they had disappeared...all I wanted to do was feed my hunger...then I felt it. I felt her on the brink of death, her organs leaching from the last life forms they could...her body ready to collapse. Now all I had to do was finish I hated myself for doing it then. But how I thank myself today, for if it was not for this victim...this enjoyment, and pleasure from drinking, I may have fought the hunger until the death.
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortals   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:53 am

Part 5 The Change

I felt disgusted with myself after my, mesmerous trance took place, the taste of her blood still in my mouth giving me enjoyment when I thought it shouldn't have. Oh my concsience carried a heavy burdon at that time, how I realise how idiotic I was. How important blocking that hunger was.
I was still suffering from hunger due to the sheer length I resisted. my skin was pale, not as bad as it was bones were slightly visable, my eyes scremed death.
How I wanted to end it right there and then, but this trance kept on invading my mind, repeating Samuel's words once more

"THEY are the monsters, not us"

How did he know? how COULD he know this. It was obvious to me Vampires thought very highly of themselves, I myself ahd this feeling of authority over the mortals, one I did not let pass through me. I looked upon myself in disgust as I hung my head in shame, my face reflected back to me in a puddle, my pale skin, my almost fully visable bones, my cheeks showing some signs of life due to the blood I drank...I then thought about the enjoyment, for a mere second...and the seconds passed on, the thought not leaving my head, the hunger controlling me once agian, a smile grew on the image of detah that was my face, images flashed on and off in my head. Looking a tmortals and seeing me drinking from them for brief seconds...oh how may face changed, I was bearing my teeth from my mouth, a somewhat, seductive...yet sadistic look in my eyes...I could not control myself...I did not want to.
What WAS this feeling...why did I like it so? Why did I treasure it so? Answers I could not find at the time...and even with the answers today...I still ask myself to this day.
I turned and saw these oppurtunities I I had to fight them away...I realise dhow idiotic I was, yes it was considered as murder, I may not have considered mortals as monsters at this time.
But this was survival of the fittest...and at that point...I needed to be the top of the food chain

I walked back into the small town, my trance still in motion, everything had become much more livelier to me, my eyes rushing everything in front of me to double of it's speed. I was close to blacking out once more if it was snot for the hand that grabbed my shoulder, followed by another on my opposite as they grabbed my mouth and blinded my eyes, dragging me away. Sounds of terror. Sounds of screaming, sounds of death, it surrounded me the further they took me away, Doors banging, voices shouting, children crying...and then...a figure in the eyes were no longer blinded, my mouth could once again take in oxygen, as this figure...whoever it was...began to speak. My arms and legs unable to move...tied to a if I was a criminal.

???:So you are the newcomer my dear mistresses have told me about
Sampson:W...who are you?
???:I am the leader of this little group, I am their salvation, their hope...I am Lord Valentine

He entered the room more clearly in his long black robes, his shoulders accompanied by two women, both looking at him with such lust in their eyes, so much so it seemed false.
He moved out his arms as his mistresses moved away bowing to his simple orders and leaving the room.

Lord know who I am...what a gift you have knowing please comply and tell me your TRUE name
Sampson:I am Sampson...what is this place
Lord Valentine:This is the home to our little group...The Cult Of The Vampir'. Count yourself lucky we have not killed you
Sampson:I am not one of you...I don't even belong here
Lord Valentine: We know...we are displeased that you have decided to wander into our home territory make yourself unknown and even drink from OUR victims.
Sampson:I did not know there were any vampires here
Lord Valentine:That must be a joke...all vampires know of us...they have known since the late 1500's
Sampson:...I to the vampire world
Lord Valentine:Oh! you mean I have been sharing information with a filthy newcomer...why did nobody warn me of this?
Sampson:I do not plan to stay here any seems my travels from London have been for none
Lord Valentine:Unfortunately I cannot let you trespasses and status has gone against my ruling, and you SHOULD be put to the death...but seeing as you are an idiotic piece of dirt newcomer to our world...I shall give you ONE said you were from London yes?
Sampson:I did
Lord Valentine: You do a job for can come by and enter this town any time, we shall go by acting like we do not know you...and you shall be at peace.
Sampson:...What do you want me to do?
Lord Valentine:The former lord of this cult, the creator, last I heard he was in London, he too was foolish, he had these idiotic ideas for our cult, thought that vampires shouldn't try to start a revolution...although I should thank him for creating it...or else I could not reshape it into what it is today.
Sampson: What do you want me to do?
Lord Valentine:I want you to find him...and kill'll be hard to find him though, he changes his name every time he changes location. But his true name, his true name is what matters to you. Find a vampire named Samuel...and you shall find the one you have to kill.

I could not believe the words he just spoken. Samuel, Samuel created this cult...yet he had not told me, was it one of the things he had in store for me? Was it a lesson I left behind as I did London. I had to agree to this barbaric mission however, or else I too would be killed. The cult supplied me with glass bottles filled with blood for my travels, knowing the suffering from the hunger I could get without it. Nine nights went by as they did on my journey towards the town. My trances becoming forever stronger, resistance could no longer be found in my body as the blood became too luscious a liquid to resist.
London came into my sights after the long nine night journey. Oh how I missed this town, the sight of London warmed my cold dead heart for a mere second...the final pieces of humanity that held on inside my heart were the cause of that. It would be hard finding Samuel in such a place...London was not as large as it is today...but still the town was a large scale. One vampire would be hard to find. if by magic...there he was...a look of misery and shame in his eyes as he saw me...shaking his head as I walked towards him.

Samuel: You know...I thought of giving up all hope in you, but I stayed...and what did you do...YOU LEFT!
Sampson:Samuel I apologise, I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, I realise my mistake.
Samuel:Where did you go?
Samuel:You met Draken didn't you?
Samuel:Draken Valentine, the so called leader of The Cult Of The Vampir'...he probably didn't tell you his name under those, ridiculous rules of his.
Sampson:You created that cult though, so they are your rules.
Samuel:No they are rules were not of such barbarity, I live my life by the traditions I have been taught, I simply created that cult so others could live by those traditions with friends and partners, not in some sick worship as if it is a religion!
Sampson:How did Draken take it over and make it what it was?
Samuel:He filled their minds with false hopes...a vampiric revolution...a rise against the mortals, dreams and golden ideas of every vampire they may be, but there has been talk of vampiric revolutions since day one...our time never comes...yet this little cult of his is determined in thinking it will!
Sampson: What are you going to do about it?
Samuel:...Ever since 1600...Draken has assumed the position of leadership over The Cult of The Vampir', under Draken's leadership, that cult is a plague...that cult is going to...DIE. That cult was my life...I built wasn't the barbaric murdering spree of a cult that it is today, it had traditional values. You know what you have to do, you've been ordered to do it, you're probably thinking that I don't have the guts to do anything. I have to do something that even I will regret. I'm not going to let any more cults like that one live on. The only way I'm going to do that is by killing the very thing I created. If anybody is going to kill my's going to be me. So...what are you going to do? Are you going to kill me...or are you going to help me once more.
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The Immortals
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