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 Terminator Salvation PS3

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PostSubject: Terminator Salvation PS3   Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:30 am

I got this game on Sunday... I completed it in one day Laughing (Well I did it over period of days for a few minutes at a time)
Yes I was very disapointed that the game is only 5 hours long! And me being a gamer only took me 3 hours. The graphics were very poor sometimes parts of their faces went see-through and when they talked their lips didn't move nicely. The characters basicly looked like something you would see in a PS2 game. The setting was ok but you couldn't interact as much with it... you could only "take cover" which was annoying. It would have be better if you could pick random items up and hit the robots over the head Laughing but no, sadly no. I've had many movies games and I've liked most of them but this one was really really boring Laughing. There is only 4 models of robot in the WHOLE game...


(in game description)
The T-7-T aka "The Spider", is the game's main enemy. Its heavy frontal shielding makes it resistant to fire but its battery pack on the back is unshielded for cooling purposes.

These things were annoying. You had your 2 girls shooting at them and while I was moving around the area trying to get behind it without it noticeing, they sometimes followed me so it turned round obviously ¬_¬ you can't comunicate at all with them all you can do is shoot and take cover. And personaly it didn't look like a Spider to me... so I call it a crab Laughing


(in game description)
Also known as "Flyers" or "Wasps", Aerostats are very difficult to destory because they move so quickly. They are most dangerous in numbers.

NO WAY! They were the easiest to kill! All you had to do was shoot them about two times and they were down. It was kinda good that your team shot some down too which was kinda handy when I was battleing a T-7-T Laughing


(in game description)
The T600, aka "The Walker", is also known as "The Terminator", and is a seemingly unbeatable enemy. Once a T600 has a designated target, it will go to extreme lengths to kill it. It's dual-fitted with a Gatling gun and grenade launcher, which allow it to suppress squad members and its target at the same time.

Now there may sound very scary but not really... the first two times you see one you have to run for it ¬_¬ which was so annoying! I wanted to kill them! You hardly see them in the whole game. When the get about 5 ft away from you they rasie their arm out and.... your dead ¬_¬ that happened to me when one was literaly at the other side of the room and I was on a balcony! He kept wlaking up the slope to me then back down which got my heart going a few times. The only way you could kill it was to blow it up basicly... with grenades, rocket launchers stuff like that. It was annoying trying to blow them up with grenades as the throwing distance isn't very good so you literaly had to wait from them to walk closer... but most of the time they just stood there, Yeah very extereme killing isn't it Rolling Eyes.

Skin Job

Sadly this is the only image I could find =/ but it is basicly this from the film (but with rubber skin on) -

(in game description)
The Skin Job is a T600 in disguise. It's body is covered with rages and rubber skin. Making it look human from afar. Since this model stays on the battlefield longer, it often takes on damage more easily.

You didn't see these that offten either. And yes they were easy to kill, you would have thought it would have been trickier seeing as it's a T600 but to be honest it's easy peasy.

The only exciting parts of the game is where your shooting down those aircrafts with rocket lauchers or in the guns of a car/train...yes a train! When your on a verichle and sooting things at one point you see those robot motherbike things and you have to shoot them which is a little tricky as they speed about but once you play that part a few times you know where they are going as they are kinda going on a set path almost =/

There is only 5 types of gun you can have... M4 assault riffle (game decription) "The assault riffle is John Conner's main weapon, It has a high fire-rate nad lots of bullets, but doesn't inflict much damage. If you run out of bullets, your teammates can give you a spare." Remington 870 shoutgun (GD) "Fires a shower of buckshot and it therefore fairly inaccurate. However, this weapon is extremly effective against Aerostats at any range". M249 MKII saw machine gun (GD) "Simular to the M4, but with a larger clip and faster fire-rate. Its only drawback is that it's slightly less accurate". Rocket Launcher (GD) "The rocket launcher is a single-round weapon with devistating power against the T600". M79 grenade launcher (GD) "The grenade launcher has high explosive damage over a very small radius. It's weaker then the rocker launcher, but faster to reload and easier to aim with".

I mainly had the M4 riffle and machine gun Laughing

Ok my overall rating is:


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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PostSubject: Re: Terminator Salvation PS3   Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:51 am

That bad huh? Rolling Eyes
Shame really it could have been an awsome game.
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Terminator Salvation PS3
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